Swiss Guest House Bhutan: Swiss Hospitality in the heart of Bhutan

Swiss Guest House Bhutan – The History

It comes out as fairy tale when a person from a country like Switzerland comes to Bhutan to share his knowledge on cattle rearing and eventually turn out to be the most respected person in Bhutan. With this article I am talking about a property with this  background story.

Swiss Guest House Bhutan - A distant sight of bike

Swiss Guest House Bhutan View

Swiss Guest house in Bhutan is a guest house in the most beautiful town of Bhutan, Bhumthang. A very serene Himalayan town and a perfect place to unwind from the hectic routine life. One of the most prominent names in Bhutan would be Swiss Guest House. Located at a elevated level on entry to Bhumthang this was a property where all Swiss Nationals used to hangout in 70s-80s. The same has been turned into a Guest House accommodating guests with a true class of hospitality.

Swiss Guest House Bhutan Top View

Yes the view only gets better in reality

Swiss Guest House Bhutan : A Class of Swiss in Bhutan

What seems to be an isolated property where peace and tranquility prevails, Swiss Guest House is a small world in itself. The property is now run by Tashi, an actor with amazing nature to meet and greet people. A wonderful guy to talk to and interact with. Rooms are built with traditional Bhutan style of Architecture and still houses the traditional room heater used in high altitudes.

Swiss Guest House Bhutan - Room heater

Traditional Room Heater which works on firewood

Wooden wall finish act as heat shield during harsh winters. With abundance of nature around this property you experience the true Bhutan hospitality. Sit outs are found in a enclosed garden where you can sit back and admire the beauty of this small Himalayan town.

Swiss Guest House Bhutan Full Front View

A Vintage Guest House

Food here is mostly western with multi cuisine menu. Hotel staff is really courteous enough to hear your preferences and will try their best to please your taste buds. Property also house a bar where the unique Red Panda Beer is served. Red Panda beer is a product of Bhumthang brewery which was again started by Tashi’s father in law, the same gentleman who hailed from Switzerland and made Bhutan his home. Food should not be an issue at all.

Bar at Swiss Guest house Bhutan

Tashi at the Bar

There is something more which adds value to the hotel and that would be the smile on the staff of Swiss Guest House. They make you feel at home and that is something which does not come with a price tag attached to it.

Bhutan architecture at Swiss Guest house Bhutan

Just calmness all around defines this property

Flowers blossom here with radiance

Very Close to Nature with Swiss Guest House

The guest house is at a walking distance from main town and every necessity is easily met. The rates are very reasonable and staying here is never a bad option. You will be in safe hands and a warm home like family.

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