World’s Highest Salt water lake – Pangong Tso!!

At 4350 meters Pangong Tso is a wonder of nature, I was living a dream of many who intend to visit this lake once in a life time.

Situated at a distance of 140kms from Leh Pangong Tso is one of most popular destinations to visit, length of the lake is 162kms and 70% of the lake is in China while the rest is in India. Since it forms the border line between Indian and China, riding to Pangong Tso need some special permission form the government of India.

Pangong Tso travel blog - Chang La

Chang La- Third Highest Pass at 17586 feet


Crossing the world’s third’s highest motorable road enroute Pangong Tso

Route to Pangong Tso is a visual treat, we cross the mighty Himalayan pass of Chang La at 17586ft and then a sandy stretch of road to make the ride more adventurous. The temperature drops and it tends to get too cold to ride.

Pangong Tso Travel blog - Water Crossing

Water Crossing enroute Pangong Tso

The beauty of Pangong Tso

I had a fall while I was riding due to boulders on the under construction highway, I broke my arm and yet I was alone. I had to ride on to reach Pangong Tso. I was in pain and then pain vanished once I saw the beautiful Pangong Tso in all its glory.

Pangong Tso travel Blog

Pangong Tso Wider Look

The blue stretch of water kept changing its shades, I stood there still… Without even moving a inch all conquered by the beauty of this lake. Let the pictures take it up from here.

Pangong Tso travel blog

Majestic Mountains surrounding Pangong

Pangong Tso travel blog

50 shades of blue


Pangong Tso travel blog

Isn’t this just beautiful ??

What are you waiting for… come visit this lake and live your dream!!!

PS: All the images used are unedited, original and clicked by me

It can be done as a one day trip from Leh with early departure and late arrival or I suggest you to go and spend quality 2 dates of time here at the lake. Kindly book the accommodations in advance to make it a hassle free experience and even better is I suggest you to camp here, it can get very windy out there.

Pangong Tso travel blog

As serene as it gets


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