Mae Chaem to Mae Hong Son – Doi Inthanon Ride to the Highest Peak of Thailand

After a night stay beside a police station in a tent, it was time to capture the highest peak of Thailand. It was mistake to have not rode the Doi Inthanon mountain on the first day itself. I had to go back to Doi Inthanon range all over again just to capture the peak and come back to Mae Chaem to ride towards Mae Hong Son.

Doi Inthanon Ride - The twin Pagodas

Doi Inthanon Pagoda seen at a distance

Doi Inthanon ride - Pagoda car parking

Doi Inthanon pagoda entry site

My friend working with Thai Police leased his place for me to freshen up and start my ride. It was a much needed cold water bath, followed by my packing my luggage to start towards Mae Hong Son. Northern Thailand is humid and hot during this time of the year. I was sweating intensely already by now. I knew Northern Thailand would be lots of fun and that is the only reason ride was planned as a leisure ride.

Doi Inthanon ride - Pagoda entrance sit out

Doi Inthanon Pagoda sit out

Doi Inthanon ride - Pagoda Top View

Top View of the Pagoda

Doi Inthanon Ride: Ride to capture the highest peak of Thailand

Riding the Doi Inthanon range was a perfect start to my day, as I ascended the mountain the temperature dropped and cool breeze took over the humid weather. It was fun riding here and in no time at a distance two Pagodas welcomes you. As you go closer the view gets better with every inch covered. A small entry fee to enter the King and the Queen pagodas is more than worth it, It was a pleasant sight. Two pagodas built by Thailand Royal Airforce celebrating the 60th birthday of the King and the Queen is just 5kms from the summit.

Doi Inthanon Ride - Pagoda Buddha statue

Main Site of worship

Doi Inthanon ride - Pagoda Garden

The Chedi’s garden view

I spent enough time at the Chedi’s, even climbed my way up to the garden where a spectacular display of flowers serves as feast to your eyes. I did not want to leave this place but I was forced to start as I was supposed to go to ext destination soon. I started my ride towards the summit, Road as always kept me going and was not a trouble at all, in no time I reached summit and it was a neutron monitoring center which had no access to any visitor, it was controlled by Thailand Army. Clicked few pics to head back and start towards Mae Hong Son.

Doi Inthanon ride - Twin Pagoda with bike

A snap with the bike

Doi Inthanon Ride - Doi Inthanon peak

Doi Inthanon peak Neutron Monitoring Station

Doi Inthanon ride - Doi Inthanon peak with bike

Bike Conquered the peak with pride

Rest of the ride was pretty smooth, though the heat took its toll on the body. I was riding through the country side of Northern Thai region and most of the roads were carrying deserted look. I did this part of ride at my own pace, very few villages on this route yet route keeps you occupied. I rode on the entire day to reach Mae Hong Son, it was a pretty big town with all modern facilities to cater all your needs. I found few unique places here like hot water swimming pool among others.

Doi Inthanon Ride - Mae Chaem to Mae Hong Son highway

Mae Hong Son highway

Doi Inthanon Ride - Mae Hong Son highway resting

The heat sometimes completely takes over

Just one last stop before the destination was a pit stop at a water melon vendor, I went there with an intention to quench my thirst. I was greeted by a Thai who arranged a place for me to sit under shade, cut me few pieces of water melon. She spoke to me non stop 45 minutes, I never uderstood anything but felt like listening her out for the care and affection she was showing towards a traveler. She then called her husband, her father and everyone else in her to introduce them to me. This is what Northern Thai is all about, it will show you what Thailand has to offer.

Doi Inthanon ride - Mae Hong Son smooth highway

Yet another view of the highway

Doi Inthanon ride - Mae Hong Son watermelon stall

Watermelons to quench my thirst and hunger

This was my destination for the day, I was hosted by Imperial Mae Hog Son hotel with their amazing hospitality. The ride just got better with this, I rode through few spectacular places from here on. Stay tuned to this space as the Thai Exploration continues!!!

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