Life is not just about survival, it about living it with a meaningful purpose. I know I am not the best; however I always try to be better with each passing day on my road to being the Best someday!!!

Travel to me is not just a part of life; instead it is a way of life. Going round the world, experiencing the culture and tradition of various nations alone on 2 wheels is my approach towards this beautiful form of life.

Passion when taken to that next level turns into madness, I don’t mind being mad as long as I spend my life making my passion as profession. I won’t assure you Shakespeare class of English literature to narrate my experience through this website, but I will make sure I reach out to each one of you with my experience. I will not just narrate a story, I will make you a part of my journey living each and every moment of it as a true traveler.

Just ask yourself if you spend 10% (30days) of a year doing just what you like?

If NO!!! Be a part of this life and let us share the spirit of LIVING rather than SURVIVING!!!!

Come together let us experience this beautiful world and enrich our lives with the Ride of Passion.


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