Eastern Himalayan International Bike Ride across Nepal Bhutan and North East India

Adventure Bike Ride

Eaastern Himalayan Adventure Bike ride across Nepal, Bhutan and North East India


Adventure Bike Ride to Nepal, Bhutan and North East India is one of the most beautiful rides along the most scenic routes of Eastern Himalayas. Growing passion for biking and limited exposure to the information required for riding has encouraged us to come up with this even where every rider small or big is trained to be a tourer before going on a Himalayan Terrain ride

Rider with any bike can take part in this ride, so you will be riding with your own bike

This event includes the following training programs for every rider registered with us for the ride

  • Teaching Basic Biking Repairs and Bike working mechanism: One of the most important requirements for a biker is to understand his bike and be able to fix minor glitches he may face during his ride. In this regard session will be held to all our riders by top mechanics of Bangalore for their respective bikes.
  • Fitness Sessions: A Rider has to be fit to take on the tough Himalayan terrain; we have arranged session for basic fitness program for all our riders by fitness experts and experienced riders.
  • Luggage Arrangements: A ride has two important components, rider and his luggage. Ease of the ride depends on how effective and compact the luggage is packed. We advise all our riders on luggage arrangements, what is important and what is not
  • Seminars by Experienced tourers: Listening to learnt minds always enrich our spirit, in this regards session will be organized where tourers speak about their experience.

For the ease of all the participants we have divided Himalayan ride into three different categories

Ride 1: Enchanting Nepal Bike Ride 7N/8D

Ride 2: Happy Country Bhutan Bike Ride 8N/9D

Ride 3: Unexplored North East Bike Ride 8N/9D

Riders are allowed to choose any one of the rides or a combination of rides, for example a rider can ride with us only for the Nepal Leg or only for the Bhutan leg or only for the north East Leg. However he can also ride with us for Nepal and Bhutan together or for Bhutan and North East together. Depending on budget and time availability of the rider

Detailed itinerary is as follows:

Ride 1: Enchanting Nepal Bike Ride 7N/8D

Origin: Your Bikes will be shifted to Lucknow
Destination: Your Bikes will be shifted back from Siliguri.

Day 1: Collect your bikes and explore Lucknow (Origin of this ride), famous city of Nawabs and Kababs. We also visit historical sites of Lucknow like Bara Imambara, Rumi Gate and all the food joints.

Day 2: Covering the holy city of Ayodhya we head towards our first international border crossing at Sanauli and get required permission from the Nepal authorities. Stay at Lumbini, the birth place of Buddha

Day 3: Enter Himalayan Range and ride till Pokhara, also known as laadli city of Nepal. Explore local attractions of Pokhara and stay at Pokhara for the night.

Day 4: Rest day at Pokhara and also a day for Parasailing in the Himalayas. Interested riders can indulge in parasailing (at own expense) . Pokhara parasailing is considered to be very famous and very adventurous.

Day 5: Ride along the beautiful country side of Nepal and reach the capital city of Kathmandu. Explore historic attraction at Kathmandu and also visit the world famous Pashupatinath Temple

Day 6: Ride to China Border at Kadari and also visit the Bungee jump site of Nepal. Bungee here is considered as the highest Bungee Swing in the World. Interested rider can take part in this (not included in package), we help them get discounts from the bungee company.

Day 7: Ride to Indian border at Kakarvitta and reach Siliguri. A Early morning ride and a long ride passing through the Kosi river along eastern Nepal through amazing country side of Nepal.

Day 8: End of the ride and Bikes are packed again and sent back to your home city. Riders are flown back as well. Riders who have chosen to continue their ride will get time to change oil and fix any bike issues.

Ride 2: Happy Country Bhutan Bike Ride 8N/9D

Origin: Your Bikes will be shifted to Siliguri
Destination: Your Bikes will be shifted back from Guwahati

Day 1: Early morning ride from Siliguri to Border town of Jaigoan and Phuensholing. Reach Phuensholing by noon and get permits for Bhutan Entry and cleat Bike entry procedures as well.

Day 2: Ride of the beautiful town of Paro, where everything is native to Bhutan. Explore Paro city and visit local markets

Day 3: Visit one of the top 10 most beautiful places in the world Tiger’s Nest. Trek to Tiger’s nest along the scenic Himalayan views to reach the Tiger Nest Monastery.

Day 4: A short ride to capital city of Thimpu, visit local attractions and get permits for the ride further, visit World’s tallest Buddha statue

Day 5: A long adventurous ride to Bhumthang valley passing through the Himalayan Passes Dochula, Palela and Yothungla. Himalayan mountains mesmerize you all along the way.

Day 6: Spend some quality time at the most beautiful place in Bhutan, The Bhumthang valley. Explore local places and if weather permits visit the border town of Bhutan

Day 7: Long hard ride to the border town of Galephu and spend another night at Galephu. If time permits push off to Guwahati after clearing all the exit procedures

Day 8: Ride to Guwahati , riders will start early morning and reach Guwahati. Bikes are then sent back to home town after a neat packing. Bikers will also fly back home. Riders who have chosen to stay on for the North East Ride will be getting 1-2 days for bike service and repairs.

We advice bikers to keep an extra buffer day as roads in Bhutan always close without any notice.

Ride 3: Unexplored North East Bike Ride

Origin: Your Bikes will be shifted to Guwahati
Destination: Your Bikes will be shifted back from Guwahati.

North East Permits are obtained before hand from Delhi. Permits required for Tawang will be arranged.

Day 1: After collecting the bikes, we start riding early in the morning and reach Bhalukpong or Bomdila depending on the ride speed. Enroute we visit beautiful Orchid Gardens and country side of Assam

Day 2: Ride along the tough terrain of Sela, riders are made to endure the torn roads and will be spending quality time at Jung water falls to reach Tawang by the end of day. Visit local attractions which include second biggest monastery in the world

Day 3: We ride towards the Bhumla Pass, however this depends on the existing military and weather conditions. Bhumla pass is the China border for this leg of the ride. Or we visit local villages of Tawang

Day 4: We ride back from Tawang to Bhalukpong, having stops at army camps and interact with the army personnel.

Day 5: We ride to Shillong from Bhalukpong via Tezpur. Through the most amazing roads of Assam we ride carefully to reach Meghalaya and stay at Shillong. Riders will explore Shillong city and relax.

Day 6: We go to Cherrapunji and ride along the Cherrapunji circuit. Enjoy the beautiful waterfalls of Cherrapunji and also ride to Bangladesh border at Dawki. In this ride we visit Asia’s cleanest Village Mawlynnong, Root bridges and Limestone Caves.

Day 7: Ride from Shillong to Guwahati. Visit local places at Guwahati and explore the city including very famous Kamakya Temple

Day 8: Bikes will be transported back to home town and riders are also flown back. This marks the end of our epic Himalayan adventure.
One buffer day is kept aside for this ride due unpredictable weather conditions.

Riders are trained in all domains before taking up the actual ride. As informed earlier we have arranged sessions on Fitness, Bike repairs, Luggage Optimization. We have planned these rides so that riders of all age can be a part of this; we also assist our riders to get bike servicing done at discounted rates from the top servicing stations across Bangalore.

So even a non rider can be a part of this!!!! Put your excuses away!!!!!!

Rates for the rides start from 36000INR. Rates are subjected to time of booking and also bikes you use for rides. We will intimate you about the final rates at the time of registrations. However booking in groups gives us the mileage to work on rates.

Our Package Includes:

  • Bike Transportation Expenses including the Packing costs of the bike.
  • Airport Transfers outside Bangalore
  • Return Air Tickets for the riders
  • A Simple hotel accommodation along the ride
  • Border Clearance
  • Marshalling by Experienced Ride captains
  • Route Planning and Implementation

Strictly any additional expenses due to riders choice will be taken care by rider only, except the above mentioned.

Complimentary Sessions for all registered riders include:

  • Fitness Sessions from certified trainers
  • Biking repairs session from Top mechanics
  • Session on Luggage Optimization
  • Talks by experienced Bikers

For any kind of queries and questions please contact:

Whatsapp Number and Contact Number: 9591732918, 8754081064

Website: www.rideofpassion.com

Email ID: yashas.t.k@gmail.com / writetosalin@gmail.com

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