Delhi to Amritsar bike ride: Desi essence in Punjab on day 10

I had reached Delhi on Day 7 of the ride and was planning to stay back in Delhi on Day 8 as well. Getting the bike serviced was on top of my agenda. I overstayed in Delhi another day to make it 2 days there. Delhi to Amritsar bike ride moved on to day 10. Destination was Golden Temple for the day.

Delhi to Amritsar bike ride: Rain flagged off my ride early morning

It was an early start to my ride, navigating my way through the NCR’S early morning traffic. Down pour only meant the ride will be delayed and it did so. In an hour time I managed to clear all the traffic and come out of Delhi. The target destination being just 450kms I didn’t have to worry much about keeping up the time. I decided to take it slow and enjoy the beautiful country side of Punjab region.

Delhi to Amritsar bike ride - Exiting Delhi

Exiting Delhi to enter Haryana highway

Just few Kms from Delhi I stopped by a place known as Sukhdev Dhaba  for my breakfast. A typical dhaba setup with many people hogging excited me. I ordered my own set of Paranthas and hot Jalebi. This is one of the best places on this highway to please your stomach. This is much evolved now to a normal restaurant setup from a dhaba.

Delhi to Amritsar bike ride - Sukhdev Dhaba

Sukhdev’s Dhaba’s Parantha and Makkan!!!

Delhi to Amritsar bike ride - Punjab Highway

Amazing Punjab Highway

I rode on towards Chandigarh bypass on some amazing roads I have seen. It was hot but was manageable.  Roads were not as populated as I thought they wil be. It was a very leisure ride. This was the first time I was riding with less than 500kms to the destination. One thing that kept me occupied all thought my ride was the amazing agricultural lifestyle of people in this region.

Delhi to Amritsar bike ride: True Desi Swag!!!! Fell in love with the culture here

One often feels that closeness towards the true desi style of living and this was a very pleasant sight. All thought the ride I could only see green fields, water and farmers.  I reached Amritsar by 4 in the evening. To my disappointment police informed me that to witness the Wagah border show I need to be at the border by 4pm.

Delhi to Amritsar bike ride - Punjab agriculture scenes

‘Ever’Green fields of Punjab

I was anyways late so felt it is better to devote full time to Golden temple rather than ending up nowhere. First priority was to find a place where I can carefully park my bike. I roamed around searching for one, amidst many who approach you offering accommodation. I went about searching for a Sarai and got one free of cost from the temple trust. I didn’t have parking space if I had opted for a Sarai. I finally found one place for 270rs a night where I could find parking space and room was not clean.

Punjab Highway Resting

Delhi to Amritsar bike ride: Magnificence  of Golden Temple brought peace

The magnificence of Golden Temple in all its glory eluded me. I am a devotional person, this place had a very positive energy to it. I felt at peace from within. I had no other thought process happening other than enjoying my stay here. I walked around the temple and main temple area was a out of world feeling. I can still remember how peaceful it was inside the golden temple.  Lunger of The Golden Temple is world famous and I experienced it too.

Delhi to Amritsar bike ride - Golden Temple Amritsar

Magnificence of Golden Temple

Delhi to Amritsar bike ride - Golden Temple Entrance

Golden Temple Entrance

Delhi to Amritsar bike ride - Lunger Dining Hall

Lunger Dining Hall

Delhi to Amritsar bike ride - Lunger Cleaning

A peaceful came to an end, it was time to look forward to Kashmir. The next Destination!!!!

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