Darjeeling to Gangtok Bike Ride – A ride along Teesta river on Day 8

Darjeeling to Gangtok Bike Ride – Darjeeling Disappointed …..

From the queen of hills I was scheduled to reach Gangtok on Day 8 of my ride. Darjeeling did not impress me, I expected much more from Darjeeling. Early morning rise to witness the showpiece of Darjeeling was tiger hill sunrise. It was one thing which made my presence in Darjeeling a worthy stay. Tiger Hill sunrise experience will come out in a separate article. Soon after the tiger hill sunrise I had one more destination planned and that was Himalayan Mountaineering Club of Darjeeling. Unfortunately it was closed ad I had to return heart broken.

Gangtok Bike Ride - Sinclairs Darjeeling Manager

Sinclairs Darjeeling Manager

Early morning start towards Gangtok, I bid goodbye to The Sinclairs which hosted me in Darjeeling. Traffic in Darjeeling is crazy. In a narrow path of congested roads which runs along with trails of toy train huge number of vehicles stand which results in a heavy traffic jam. Making my way through the vehicles I continued my ride descending the Darjeeling Hills. Heavily crowded roads demands high levels of concentration in riding.

Gangtok Bike Ride - Heavy Traffic near Gloom

Heavy Traffic near Gloom

Darjeeling to Gangtok Bike Ride:  Teesta and Rangeeta on display amused!!!

Not very long into the ride I came across a view point and vehicles stopped, I stopped to see what it had to offer. It was one beautiful site of Teesta river and Rangeetha coming together. The two shaded rivers come together to create a beautiful site of nature amongst mountains standing tall. A brief stop here with a bhel is worth the time spent.

Gangtok Bike Ride - Teesta River and Rangeeta River of Sikkim

Teesta River and Rangeeta River of Sikkim


Gangtok Bike Ride - Darjeeling Tea Estates

Darjeeling Tea Estates


Gangtok Bike Ride - Bike ride and the Teestha

Bike and the Teestha

Geared up and started descending again, this time the journey took me to closer to the river and I was able to feel the same. This is same as the way to Siliguri but one can find a clear deviation towards Gangtok. By now I had crossed Teesta river and started ascending another mountain towards Gangtok. Roads got widened and some parts of it was still under construction. A border gate welcomes you to Sikkim and from there the journey is smooth and simple all the way till Gangtok.

Gangtok Bike Ride - Sikkim starts here

Sikkim starts here


Gangtok Bike Ride - Gangtok welcomes

Gangtok welcomes

Last stretch has some really nasty curves which you should be aware of, this short ride brought me to Gangtok and guess what!!!! It started pouring down heavily the moment I entered Gangtok and little did I know this will go onto ruin my all other plans of Sikkim. Stay tuned for this thread as I update.

Gangtok Bike Ride - Gangtok just 20Kms away

Nathula Awaits me!!!!


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