Bangalore to Pune bike ride- Day 3 of Kanyakumari to Kashmir ride

Bangalore to Pune bike ride – An easy ride till Hubli

I was not just chasing India along its length, I was chasing my dreams. It was my first attempt in doing so. Having covered 1500Kms in 2 days, next on the itinerary was a hard ride of 900Kms from Bangalore to Pune. The very famous Bangalore to Pune stretch for all Saddle Sore riders.

It was an early rise with two friends and my dad to help me out in rigging up the luggage. An hour later I was ready to start my ride on NH4. A sense of easy going prevailed until I hit the highway to be greeted by a bill board which reminded me that I was atleast 780Kms away from Pune. I had a long hard distance to cover and the Bangalore to Pune highway was carpeted with tarmac but was not smooth. It was a rough terrain with patchy tarmac.

Bangalore to Pune bike ride

Dad and two friends rigging up the luggage!!!

Bangalore to Pune bike ride - Pune distance board

Bill Board which showed me the real challenge


One small advice to all the long distance riders and travelers, kindly refrain from using jute cords. Jute cords may snap out anytime which will give you nightmares, always use Bungee cords. I faced a similar situation almost 150kms into the ride. The rope loosened and was tangled at the rear wheel. Fifteen minutes of my precious time went into fixing it tentatively which then went on to cause more issues later in the ride.

Bangalore to Pune bike ride - Davangere road

Somewhere near Chitradurga

Bangalore to Pune bike ride - Chitradurga highway

Windmills all around and Bike was realigned with luggage

Fixing the bike and entering Chitradurga was amazing, I was greeted by windmills all around. This time windmills were at fair distance from highway unlike windmills of Kanyakumari. With a pleasant sight all around, I went on to ride hard till Haveri, roughly around 300 odd Kms from home. This part of the ride was dangerous considering the density of population along the highway. Huge number of pot holes also pose a great danger , please beware!!

Bangalore to Pune bike ride - Chitradurga windmills

Windmills giving you a serene view

Bangalore to Pune: Hard ride of 450Kms till Pune

6 hours in to the ride I reached Hubli, 400Kms done and 450 odd more to go. A broad 4 lane highway now turned drastically into a narrow 2 lane highway to Belgaum. I didn regret, the country side changed to a more rustic one. 500Kms into the ride I reached Belgaum, it started raining. My affair with rains started here which went on till Kashmir.

Bangalore to Pune bike ride - Belgaum highway

Road to Belgaum

Bangalore to Pune bike ride - Rains in belgaum

The luggage back with the trouble

Bangalore to Pune Highway from Hubli to Belgaum has many scenic landscapes and will be a pleasant ride. With a hint of rain it was just what the doctor prescribed. One concern was I was running late. I had to reach Pune but was still inside Karnataka at 5 PM. I then went on to cross the last village of Karnataka state Nippani and entered Maharastra. The Resurgent Maharastra welcomed me.

Bangalore to Pune bike ride - Belgaum highway

Road to Belgaum which is very scenic

Bangalore to Pune bike ride - Belgaum highway

Amazing beauty of rains along Belgaum highway

I could feel it, in India people say culture, language and tradition change every 40Kms. I had just crossed the state border and to me the effect was more rampant. A strong punch of Maharastrian flavor was felt and it was exciting.

Just to remind you I was running empty stomach right from the word go that day. I had to stop and fill my hunger with food. I was fortunate enough to find Mc Donalds at Kolhapur. It was still raining and the rope started loosening again.

Bangalore to Pune bike ride - Karnataka border

Welcome Board Maharastra


Bangalore to Pune bike ride - Mcdonalds Kolhapur

Brief stop at McD


Petrol tank to the brim and stomach full my challenge was clear cut visible to me by now. Pune will be my next stop I decided and moved on!!!!!. Maharashtrian highways are narrow and traffic is heavy in this part of India. It was almost dark and the rains started pouring aggressively now. Adding pain to misery was the demanding concentration which was very essential to keep myself alive.


Bangalore to Pune bike ride - Pune highway in the night

Just a hint to how bad the conditions were

It was traffic all around, I don’t think I deviated one bit from a straight lane ride. Incessant rains made it worse to concentrate. With great deal of effort I made through Satara and Kolhapur. In the last phase as I approached Pune, the under construction roads and tunnels posed a fatal challenge. My energy was already sapped out and the luggage loosened to a worse extent now.

Bangalore to Pune bike ride - Pune tunnels

A tunnel under construction near Pune


Bangalore to Pune bike ride - pune tunnels

Inside the Tunnel near Pune

I was literally riding with one hand and the other hand was used to hold the luggage together. The roads sometimes went from bad to worst. It was a horrible state to ride with given the extreme conditions that prevailed in the last stretch.

Finally after 18 hours of which 12 hours was taken for 450Kms, I reached Pune in a terrible state. On the other end I was relieved to know my goal for the day was reached irrespective of the challenges faced.

Bangalore to Pune bike ride - 850kms ride completed

I was all gone!

Bangalore to Pune bike ride - rode 850kms

Bike also repeated the same story

What Next??? I will take you around Pune on Day 4. Watch out this space !!!

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9 Responses

  1. Rakmoddin says:

    Hi Yashas

    Really a great post. Your and my thinking almost matches.

    Me and my friend too had a Pune-Goa-Pune ride in 3 day.

    My post :

    Happy riding!!


  2. Yashas says:

    Dear Brother Rakmoddin,

    It is a nice feeling to meet you here,

    Good to know about your feat and your interest towards biking and a pleasure to be sharing similar interests with you.

    This is a series of article on my solo ride from Kanyakumari to Kashmir on R15.

    I did go through your article as well..nice to see you ride .

    Hope we get to ride someday soon

    God bless!!

  3. mithun says:

    Kudos…glad u made it safely!

  4. Yashas says:

    Thank you Mithun, yes it was a safe reach at the end of the day

  5. That was an awesome feeling.. RIDING SOLO – leaving behind a lot of memories..
    I also rode alone, but not this big distance. Just around 300 kms.

    I am also planning for a solo trip to PUNE from BANGALORE in my Thunderbird 350.

    Can you please let me know what all to be taken (riding gear, safety equipment)?
    And also the best time of the year to ride?

    You can either reply here or send a mail to


    • Yashas says:

      Hello Vijay Kishore,

      Sorry for a delayed response,

      It is indeed nice to know about your plans to ride solo… Pune from Bangalore is not may do it in 2 days time… Since you are starting now I urge you to do it during spring when weather is moderate…. Basic biking gears would be enough for this ride.

      Let me know if you need any further info regarding the same

  6. Samar Manjeshwar says:

    I am also planning to do the Bangalore – Pune ride, on an R3 though. I wanted to know what you did about spare parts and do you know how to change parts in case anything happens? Also, the riding position affect your back a lot?

    I have been going through this post for so many years, reading it again and again. Now, finally I am in a position to actually do this trip. Your gave me the inspiration that I required!


    • Yashas says:

      Dear Samar Manjeshwar,

      I am delighted to see this comment here, as a rider I know basic bike repairs and in case bike breaks down I will be in a position to fix it. I carry around important spares as well. Yes it does affect but it doesn matter as we will be indulged in riding and nothing else comes to mind.

      Would be glad to be of some help, we are planning a ride to Nepal, Bhutan and North East India. where we train riders before taking them on a ride, let us know if u r interested.

  7. HARSH bhandari says:

    Hey , hope you are doing good and riding is going on safe. Wanted to check with you if you Are done with your NE trip.

I'm eager to know your opinion on this