Ajmer to Delhi Bike Ride :Crossing 4 states on Day 7 of the Kanyakumari to Kashmir ride

One of those hot days on the road, oh wait!!!  It was the hottest day on the road. I was not feeling good about this, but it was bound to happen sometime. I had done my preparations mentally and started the ride on a positive note. Through the crowded streets of Ajmer I made my way to the holy Ajmer Darga. It was not a pleasant site considering many specially abled people around Darga. My heart went out to each one of them and their state of living.

Ajmer to Delhi Bike Ride: Ajmer Sharif Darga disappoints

I went into the darga to seek the blessings; it was rather unfortunate to see how everything here was commercialized including the flowers for the almighty. I was disappointed to see how a world renowned darga did very little to prevent such malpractices in the name of god.

Ajmer to Delhi bike ride - Ajmer Darga

Ajmer Darga

I wriggled out of Ajmer city and entered one of the finest highways of India; I rode on the 6 lane highway till Jaipur. In no time Jaipur welcomed me with under construction roads. It was heavily crowded and most of the metro construction was still going on. I was fully geared up and was literally burning inside. Any chance to stop and take a breath was a life saver.

Ajmer to Delhi bike ride - Outside Ajmer Darga

Outside Ajmer Darga

Jaipur City Ride: You are never short of monuments

Riding through the city of Jaipur, I found it extremely uncomfortable to be riding through slow moving huge traffic fully geared up. I stopped by the Hawa Mahal to experience one of the most famous monuments of Jaipur. A quick round through this majestic 5 storey mahal and numerous windows keeps you occupied with its intricate art work.

Ajmer to Delhi bike ride - Jaipur City Palace Vacation classes for children

Jaipur City Palace Vacation classes for children

Ajmer to Delhi bike ride -Pink City Jaipur Welcomes

Pink City Jaipur Welcomes

Ajmer to Delhi bike ride - Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal

Next on the list was City Mahal of Jaipur, a royal family still lives here and it is a costly affair to be entering the Mahal here. I just explored the City Palace Museum. Rajasthani music played by a group with puppet show are added perks to the Mahal eternal beauty. Summer vacation classes held here for school kids takes you back to your childhood. I then started riding towards Delhi through Haryana. It was an easy ride considering the fact that highway was all neat and clear.

Ajmer to Delhi Bike Ride - Puppet Show at City Palace Jaipur

Puppet Show at City Palace Jaipur

Ajmer to Delhi Bike Ride - City Palace Jaipur view

City Palace Jaipur view

Ajmer to Delhi Bike ride - Floating Mahal Jaipur

Floating Mahal Jaipur

Crossing 4 states to reach Noida

Riding through the Indian country side I crossed Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi and U.P. I met few French rider who were there to ride on Himalayas. Wish each other all the luck I continued towards Noida which was the pit stop for the day. Though Delhi troubled me with traffic, the mere fact that it was my first ride through my national capital just made me forget everything.

Ajmer to Delhi Bike ride - Amber Fort Jaipur

Amber Fort Jaipur

Ajmer to Delhi Bike ride - French Riders meet on the way

French Riders meet on the way

Will be posting my experience of riding through Punjab and Himalayas in subsequent posts.

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