Ahmedabad to Ajmer Bike Ride : Day 6 ride across Rajasthan

It was one of the prominient cities which flourished under our Prime Minister, Ahmedabad was very impressive. Felt like I was riding in Bangalore. Not to forget I was exhausted completely by the intense ride under rains the previous day. It was a hot humid day and I knew it will continue to remain the same the whole day. Ahmedabad to Ajmer bike ride was planned covering Udaipur on the way.

Ahmedabad to Ajmer Bike Ride - Gujarathi Jalebi and Dhokla

Gujarathi Jalebi and Dhokla

Ahmedabad to Ajmer Bike ride – Hot Jalebi and tasty Dhokla

I was put up in the warm hospitality of Mr Bharat Patel Family, they treated me like their own son. You are in Gujurat and if you miss Dhokla, Fafda and Jalebi the visit remains incomplete. I conveyed this thought to Mr. Bharat Patel and I was served with tradition authentic Gujurati breakfast with hot Jalebi. Wow!!!! I am yet to find Jalebis like that.

Ahmedabad to Ajmer Bike Ride - Gujarathi Dinner Platter

Gujarathi Dinner Platter

Ahmedabad to Ajmer Bike ride : Folk Rajasthan Country Side Entertained

I started riding without wasting much time, I filled my fuel tank to the brim and started towards Udaipur. Udaipur is not really very far from Ahmedabad. Soon after riding through the heart of Ahmedabad I reached the Rajasthan highway. It was a 2 lane highway all the way, roads weer just amazing. My bike enjoyed the feel too, it was always exciting to have people looking at you with curiosity as to what I was trying to do.

Ahmedabad to Ajmer Bike Ride - Bharat Patel Family

With Mr. and Mrs. Bharat Patel Family

Ahmedabad to Ajmer Bike Ride - Rajasthan Country Side

Rajasthan Country Side starts

It was hot and was never easy, I had to keep moving and I did just that. In a very short while I was welcomed by Rajasthan, Resurgent Rajasthan excited me. The scenes around turned to give that folk feel. The landscapes changed and I was riding without even realizing how time flew by. I reached Udaipur junction and took a road to explore the city.

Ahmedabad to Ajmer Bike Ride - Welcome to Rajasthan Bill Board

Resurgent Rajasthan Welcomes

Ahmedabad to Ajmer bike ride - Serene Landscapes of Rajasthan

Serene Landscapes of Rajasthan

Ahmedabad to Ajmer bike ride - Resting on Rajasthan Highway

Resting on Rajasthan Highway

Udaipur was surprisingly cooler, I never felt the heat here. Amazing warmth of people here towards me and my ride was really heart warming. They gave enough attention to patiently listen to me and try to know what I was trying to do. I spent some quality time beside Fateh Sagar lake drooling over rose milk lassi. I just went around Udaipur and started towards Ajmer.

Ahmedabad to Ajmer Bike Ride - A Temple in Udaipur

A Temple in Udaipur

Ahmedabad to Ajmer Bike ride - With Nathdwara Temple Authorities

With Nathdwara Temple Authorities

Ahmedabad to Ajmer Bike ride : Nathdwara Respect!!!

There are two routes to Ajmer from Udaipur, I took the one via Nathdwara. I started my ride after attending my hunger. I reached Nathdwara in 40 minutes and even as I entered the temple entrance premises the police took some time out to listen to me and about my adventure. They introduced me to the temple authorities and trustees. I was respected for my feat, they gave me a special darshan of god Shrinathji and then felicitated with a temple shawl. I was moved by how people recognize some real effort of passion.

Ahmedabad to Ajmer Bike ride - Udaipur City Palace

Udaipur City Palace

This amazing experience then propelled me to ride hard towards Ajmer which is almost 250kms. By the time I started Nathdwara it was 3:30pm. I had to hurry and I started riding. Through the heart of Rajasthan which was not crowded, I rode enjoying the culture of Rajasthani work class. Absolutely mesmerizing sunset enroute added to the beauty of ride across Rajasthan. I could find minimum 3 people on one two wheeler playing loud music and going home after hard day at work.

Ahmedabad to Ajmer Bike ride - Sunset on the Rajasthan Highway

Sunset on the Rajasthan Highway

They were very cordial to me and smiled when ever I greeted them. Heavily crowded cruiser 4X4 was a common sight and no vehicle was without loud music. I reached Mewar through narrow 2 lane and reached the very smooth and one of the best highways till Ajmer. It was a very smooth ride and by now it was completely dark. It didn take me more than 40 minutes to complete this stretch from Mewar to Ajmer.

Ahmedabad to Ajmer Bike ride - Rajasthani Dinner Platter

Rajasthani Dinner Platter

I finally reached Ajmer, it was very crowded and busy. My stay for the day was hosted by Mr. Brij Bhushan family and Rajasthani Dinner awaited me. Everything happening right and all that was on my mind was reach national capital Delhi the next day. Watch out this space as K2K saga continues.

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